Chicken Chow Mein

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Today we are making one of my favorite Asian cuisine, Chicken chow mein. It is very easy to make. We are going to try to make this dish as authentic as possible with whatever vegetable we have.

Chicken Chow Mein


For any Asian dish, these three ingredients are a must- light soy sauce, sesame oil and a little bit sugar. In today’s recipe, we used honey instead of sugar to give our chicken chow mein a little bit of punch.

Chicken Chow Mein
Ingredients for the best chicken chow mein

In a bowl, we are going to add 4 tablespoon rice vinegar, 4 tablespoons light soy sauce, 4 tablespoon oyster sauce, 4 tablespoon sesame oil, 4 tablespoon honey, 2 cloves chopped garlic and 2 tablespoon ginger. We are also going to add 2 tablespoon cornflour so when we are frying the chicken it will have nice char.


We used chicken breast cut into thinly sliced pieces. We got rid of any excess fat from outside of our chicken breast pieces.

Now we added our chicken breast to the sauce and let it marinate for a while.

Chow mein

On a separate stove, we are going to boil the chow mein. We want to have the chow mein nicely separated from each other.


For the vegetable part we used, spring onions, bean sprouts, bell pepper, green chili and carrots. You can use whatever you like, this dish is very versatile.


We want to make sure to cook it on high heat and fast. We are going to add the marinated chicken into the pan and add a splash of water so it doesn’t stick and also it helps with the caramelizing. Cook it for 4 to 5 minutes.

Add all vegetables and finally add the chow mein. Make sure it is on high heat and just give it a toss make sure everything nicely mixed up.

Ready to serve. Enjoy!

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